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This technology cleans drains without scrubbing or rinsing

| By Chemical Engineering

Madison Chemical

Oxywave (photo) is a two-part drain cleaning program that cleans drains without scrubbing to remove biofilm and sanitize drains, floors and walls. Utilizing peracetic acid and Perafoam, Oxywave attacks and eliminates biofilms and destroys microorganisms. This foaming, sanitizing solution provides full contact along pipe walls for maximum sanitation. It will not damage concrete or stainless steel in diluted form. Oxywave is tolerant of water hardness, can be used in hot or cold water, and is less affected by organic soil load than either chlorine or quaternary sanitizers. In addition to open and closed drains, such as those found in food, beverage, dairy or pharmaceutical facilities, Oxywave is suitable for doorway foaming systems to prevent cross-contamination. Additionally, it is suitable for use on previously cleaned, hard, non-porous food-contact surfaces in food and beverage processing plants. It may also be used for hard, non-porous surface disinfection in industrial facilities. — Madison Chemical, Madison, Ind.