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Chemical Engineering

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The next generation of pilot reactors launched at Achema

| By Gerald Ondrey

The Sakura and Sakura Mini next-generation premium pilot reactors (photo) incorporates the latest reactor-vessel technology to provide enhanced performance and efficiency for chemical process scale-up. Sakura includes vessels of up to 100 L, with the option to upgrade to this company’s proprietary Ring Baffle Vessel Technology for optimal efficiency. Sakura Mini provides enhanced flexibility, with a range of interchangeable 10- to 30-L vessels in a customizable package. Both systems can support a wide range of applications, thanks to the ability to mount ancillary equipment — including condensers, reflux splitters, collection flasks and dropping funnels — directly to the frame. In addition, both Sakura and Sakura Mini reactors can be seamlessly paired with the company’s Pilot Reactor Controller for full workflow automation. — AGI Glassplant UK Ltd., Royston, U.K.