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These centrifugal pumps handle very high temperatures

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

The System One Series of high-temperature centrifugal pumps (photo) utilizes flanges, elastomers and a unique centerline mount to support high operating temperatures. These design features allow System One high-temperature pumps to safely and reliably transfer critical and valuable fluids in a wide variety of high-temperature applications, including thermal oils, petrochemicals, heat-transfer fluids, plastics and more. The System One Series is pre-configured to meet temperature requirements of up to 450°F (232°C) with the 450°F Line, 650°F (343°C) with the 650°F Line, and even 750°F (398°C) with additional configurations and factory consultation. These pumps have been specifically designed to increase the temperature limits for this company’s Frame A and Frame M centrifugal pumps while offering the same mechanical performance. System One Series high-temperature pumps offer capacities up to 1,400 gal/mim (5,299 L/min), and incorporate high-temperature bushings, fasteners and paint. — Blackmer, part of PSG, a Dover Company, Grand Rapids, Mich.