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These mass flow controllers have three new certifications

| By Mary Page Bailey

This company’s SLA Series mass-flow controllers (MFCs; photo) and meters now have new global certifications, including those covering the cure dates and shelf life of the elastomers used in the assembly and the surface roughness of the flow path, as well as special certification for users in Japan. MFC instruments precisely measure and control the delivery of gases to production systems and chambers, such as bioreactors. Certain regulatory and safety requirements call for certification and documentation of calibration protocols or other declarations about the materials of construction in the “wetted path” of the MFC, where the process gas flows through the device. Devices of the SLA series feature a high turndown ratio, an extremely low-leak-rate valve, an enhanced sensor design and pre-calibrated multigas pages for air, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen. The SLAMf Biotech offering is specifically designed for bioprocessing and other life-sciences applications to enhance gas-flow control range, enable process recipe flexibility and satisfy regulatory compliance requirements. — Brooks Instrument, Hatfield, Pa.