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These temperature and vibration devices have new certifications

| By Mary Page Bailey

This company has recently received FCC, FM and IC certification for its NEON brand of temperature transmitters (photo) and vibration sensors. The NEON vibration sensor sends alerts to maintenance engineers as soon as assets, such as engines, conveyor belts and pumps, start to fail. This sets off a trigger when a change of amplitude is detected in the vibration spectrum or when outliers in the data occur. An engineer is alerted to check on this asset to prevent it from failure or long-term damage, which saves costs and ensures operational uptime. The NEON temperature transmitter is designed to be implemented quickly, and to transmit a signal for monitoring purposes via connection to an industrial thermocouple or RTD. The device can be connected to a thermocouple via an M12 connector with an up to 3-m-long extension cable. It uses on-board intelligence to determine average values over user-determined time scales to provide insights that can be used directly within existing systems. — TWTG Group B.V., Capelle a/d Ijssel, the Netherlands