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This butterfly valve has new features

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

The Neles Q-Disc butterfly valve (photo) has a new high-performance feature to help with flow balancing in control valve applications. Q-Disc is specifically designed for control applications. One of its key benefits is that it helps to avoid oversized actuators for control-valve packages, which saves energy and costs. Designed for challenging flow conditions, Q-Disc can be utilized to avoid cavitation in low opening angles, and it also provides market-leading noise reduction capabilities — even up to 12 dB in certain flow conditions, the company says. Q-Disc also helps in optimizing the entire valve-actuator package by making it possible to reduce the impact of dynamic torque caused by the flow. Q-Disc is available as a modular option for a wide range of butterfly valves, and it can be used for a temperature range up to 600°C. — Valmet Oy, Espoo, Finland