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This chiller does not use refrigerants

| By Gerald Ondrey

This company is now offering its first refrigerant-free chiller. The TE400 (photo) utilizes Peltier technology to provide efficient laboratory cooling with a range of –5 to 40°C and a cooling capacity of up to 400 W. It is equipped with a pump capacity of 7 L/min with pressure to 17.4 psi. The benchtop TE400 is suitable for temperature control with circulation to an external application. In addition to its environmentally friendly footprint, the TE400 is easy to operate and requires minimal low maintenance. With fewer wearable components than a refrigerator (such as a compressor), the TE400 guarantees less downtime. With an additional operating mode labeled Silent Mode, applications with lower cooling requirements can run on a significantly reduced noise level for a more desirable work environment. — Julabo USA, Allentown, Pa.