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This dust collector has two cartridges and higher capacity

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

dust collector


The Quad Pulse Package 2 (QPP2) dust collector (photo) has two main filter cartridges designed to handle air volumes from 590 to 1,765 ft 3 /min. The QPP2 also features a cleanable filter system that allows manufacturers to run continuous production processes and avoid frequent filter replacements. The QPP2 cleans filters in four segments, one at a time, without interrupting airflow. The primary filters provide high filtration efficiency and remove the majority of collected dust. This design prolongs the service life of the second-stage HEPA filter, which provides 99.995% filtration efficiency to capture the finest, most hazardous dust particles. The HEPA filter is also a tested flame and contamination barrier. The QPP2 provides explosion protection in accordance with NFPA and ATEX standards. The pressure-shock-resistant housing maintains its integrity with no damage during an explosion event. The QPP2 can safely contain an explosion event without the need for additional safety devices, and it can be safely installed indoors close to processing areas. — Camfil APC, Jonesboro, Ark.