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This fast coupling device is patent-pending

| By Gerald Ondrey

REconnect (photo) is a new a coupling device for simple and safe decoupling and recoupling of diaphragm seal systems, including process connections and measuring devices. REconnect consists of two parts — one fitted to the measuring device, the other to the process connection – and with the aid of the special lock, they are easily separated. The lock is detachable and can be retained separately so that REconnect cannot be operated accidentally or by unauthorized persons. After separation, the two parts of the coupling are each closed with covers made of stainless steel to protect the measuring instrument and diaphragm seal. The fast coupling is vacuum-proof and has no parts that can be lost. It is suitable for applications in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. — Labom Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH, Hude, Germany