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This immersion sensor is now certified for hazardous areas

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

The LiquiSonic ultrasonic sensor is suitable for determining concentration and density of process liquids, as well as for monitoring crystallization, polymerization and phase separation. The Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL) has now confirmed and certified the suitability of the LiquiSonic 40-40 immersion sensor (photo) for use in explosion-proof environments. During certification, all components of the sensor are tested with regard to the ignition protection type of flameproof enclosure and assessed accordingly. The certificate attests to the high quality standards this company sets for its products. The robust sensor design is also maintenance-free and resistant to external influences, such as vibrations. Now, users in Korea can efficiently increase the process capability, safety and overall efficiency of their processes in explosion-proof areas. — SensoTech, Inc., Jersey City, N.J.