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This laboratory cone blender has an intensifier bar

| By Gerald Ondrey

A new 1-ft 3 (28-L) capacity Vee Cone Blender model VB-1-SSIS (photo) is suitable for laboratory and pilot applications. Constructed and finished to sanitary standards, it is equipped with an internal spray line with intensifier bar for rapid dispersion of liquid additions throughout the batch, and a pneumatically-actuated brake to stop rotation for loading or unloading the batch. Two inclined cylinders with smooth internal surfaces rotate end-over-end, allowing complete discharge through a lever-operated butterfly valve. The absence of residual material, combined with easy internal access through the cylinder doors and discharge valve, allows rapid sanitizing and visual inspection of all material contact surfaces, preventing cross-contamination between changeovers. The gentle tumbling action achieves uniform blends in 15 to 30 min (typical). Mixing chamber rotation is driven by a 0.75-hp, stainless-steel, wash-down motor with a shaft-mounted gear reducer, while the intensifier bar is powered by a 1-hp motor. — Munson Machinery Company, Inc., Utica, N.Y.