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This platform for shift handover now includes health data

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

This company’s Shiftconnector digital manufacturing software (photo) for the processing industries can now be integrated with the Cleared4 employee-health monitoring platform. This partnership aims to promote healthy, safe and reliable production at manufacturing plants. This combined software platform is said to be the first shift-to-shift handover software in the industry to directly address the multitude of health and safety issues brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. The solution simultaneously solves digital communications and collaboration challenges during shift-to-shift handovers, including reporting and contract tracing, management of process upsets and compliance-related routine activities. The integration of Cleared4 with Shiftconnector provides a health-management dashboard, including text messaging, health-centric technologies and on-site kiosks to obtain valuable health clearance and optimize safety as employees enter a facility to start their shift. Additionally, the platform gives access to COVID-19 test results for staff and integrates Influenza and COVID-19 vaccination status. — Eschbach North America Inc., Boston, Mass.