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This valve is certified for use with up to 100% hydrogen mixtures

| By Mary Page Bailey

BM6X Series Slam-Shut valve (photo) has received approval by Bureau Veritas Italia for use in applications with up to 100% hydrogen and pressures up to 100 bars. The certification granted to the BM6X Series Slam-Shut valve confirms the verification of material suitability, based on internal and external seal tests performed at the company’s production plant in Castel Maggiore, Italy. The Bureau Veritas procedure, relating to the issue of Type Approval for hydrogen-operated actuators and valves, defines the audit process for the issue, maintenance and renewal of the certification for actuators and valves used with hydrogen or hydrogen mixtures. The BM6X Series Slam-Shut valve has multiple applications throughout gas transmission networks, regulating stations and end-use infrastructure. — Emerson, St. Louis, Mo.