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This valve line now has larger sizes

| By Gerald Ondrey

This company has introduced new 6- and 8-in. valve sizes for its Model CV valve product line (photo). The new valves are available in actuated and manual versions with both featuring a Class 150 pressure rating. Additionally, the company is working on creating a bellows-sealed option that will be able to handle pressures up to 550 psi, which will make them an optimal choice for hydrogen-handling applications, as well as 10-in. and larger bore sizes. Besides hydrogen-handling applications, the valves are also compatible for use in applications that require the use of a vacuum-jacketed valve and piping system. All Model CV valves are compliant with ASME B31.3 and CSA B51 regulations. — ACME Cryogenics, part of OPW Clean Energy Solutions, Hamilton, Ohio