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Three New Receivers for Dense-Phase and Vacuum Conveying

| By Chemical Engineering

The P-Series vacuum sequencing receivers have been redesigned to the same finish standards as this firm’s line of weigh feeders. As part of the redesign, the modularity of the P-Series receivers was improved through the introduction of extension modules to increase receiving volume. The new sealing and grounding designs make cleaning and disassembly more operator friendly. Premium Pneumatics offers dense-phase vacuum conveying for short distances, in addition to dilute-phase vacuum conveying capabilities. The vacuum receivers feature sanitary design and meet the 3-A sanitary standard for pneumatic conveyors. Three models include: the P10, conveying up to 600 kg/h; the P30 (photo), conveying up to 1,800 kg/h; and the P100, for up to 4,000 kg/h. — K-Tron (Switzerland) Ltd., Niederlenz, Switzerland