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Tools for improving wire connections to terminals.

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

Properly installed ferrules provide dependable wire terminations to both screw and push-in terminals, but installers and technicians need suitably rated parts and associated tools for making these connections. This company has therefore introduced a complete product line of S3TL series ferrules, wire strippers, crimpers (photo) and screwdrivers. The S3TL ferrule product line includes various sizes accommodating wire gauges from AWG 26 to AWG 8, each with one or two wires, depending on part number. Each ferrule incorporates an electrically insulated cover, which is color-coded using the German Weidmüller standard, for easy recognition by installers. The ferrules are UL 486F certified when used together with S3TL series crimping tools. — IDEC Corp., Sunnyvale, Calif.