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Tpgroup announces contracts related to hydrogen safety and CCUS

By Mary Page Bailey |

tpgroup (Reading, U.K.) has secured a contract worth approximately £1.0 million with a leading UK engineering company to provide management control equipment for enhanced safety management of hydrogen gas.

Under this contract, tpgroup will qualify the design concepts, build and test a prototype system to manage hydrogen during emergency shutdown procedures more safely and reliably than existing methods.

Environments where explosive gas is present are classified into zones according to risk and are closely controlled. This innovative design uses combines tpgroup‘s technologies with techniques that have been proven in other applications, which will be modified to perform in enclosed or containerised situations. The key objective is to respond quickly to a shutdown event, process the hydrogen and allow it to be vented safely in the controlled zone.

The project will start immediately at the tpgroup facility in Portsmouth and is expected to be completed in mid-2021.

Phil Cartmell, Chief Executive Officer of tpgroup, commented: “We are very pleased to continue our work on mission-critical gas management systems with this existing key customer.

“These innovations build upon decades of experience producing highly reliable electrolyzer-based solutions for demanding operational use, giving us the confidence that our solutions are well positioned for many years of future service. This contract is also highly complementary to other projects currently in development which leverage our expertise in innovative oxygen and hydrogen generation and management systems.

“The new approaches developed through this work apply in a wide range of critical applications where safe evacuation of hydrogen is needed. This opens up a range of potential uses in life support and renewable energy applications that the Group is actively pursuing.”

The Group is also with Cullum Detuners to work on carbon capture & utilization (CCUS) projects. This alliance will develop end-to-end solutions to capture CO₂ from power generation facilities in order to control their emissions and contribute to decarbonization goals, with an added option to turn captured CO₂ into a secondary fuel rather than storing it. The joint team are currently working on project opportunities across the UK, Middle East and the U.S.

Cullum is a world leader in the provision of acoustic enclosures, filtration, exhaust and emission control systems for industrial gas turbines and other turbo-machinery. They help organizations to reduce their carbon footprint by controlling harmful emissions with carbon dioxide filtration, or improving system efficiency by modernization or waste heat recovery.

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