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Trillium receives funding for construction of market demonstration unit for bio-based acrylonitrile

| By Scott Jenkins

Trillium Renewable Chemicals (Knoxville, Tenn.; announced today it has raised a $10.6M Series A financing round. The first closing totaled $5.5M and was led by Hyosung Advanced Materials Corporation. Current investor Capricorn Partners also participated. HELM AG has agreed to join the Series A round to bring the total to $10.6M. This funding builds on the company’s non-dilutive award of $2.5M from the U.S. Department of Energy. Following a successful pilot program, the funding advances Trillium to the next phase of commercialization – the construction and operation of a market demonstration unit.

Trillium’s innovative Bio-ACN process sustainably converts plant-based feedstocks into valuable chemicals like acrylonitrile and acetonitrile. Acrylonitrile is currently manufactured from oil and gas derivatives to make a diverse range of consumer and industrial goods including carbon fiber, plastic, textiles, flocculant, synthetic rubber, and other valuable materials. These materials are used in finished products such as apparel, auto parts, aerospace parts, medical gloves, toys, consumer electronics, personal care products, sporting goods, and water treatment chemicals.

Young Joon Lee, Vice President at Hyosung, said: “We are excited to be a partner with TRC for this innovative technology development and the commercialization pathway. Sustainability is at the heart of Hyosung’s future growth strategy, and we firmly believe that our strong partnership will take us to the next level of industry leadership in renewable chemicals space.” 

Andreas Woschek, Executive Vice President at HELM AG, said: “HELM is highly committed to grow its chemical business via sustainable solutions. Our engagement in Trillium marks another milestone in delivering tangible actions via our sustainability strategy. The combined skillsets of the partners supporting Trillium now provides an exciting opportunity to commercialize the innovation of bio-based, low carbon acrylonitrile to the market.”