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These tube fittings drastically increase working pressures

| By Chemical Engineering



The Gyrolok XP system of tube fittings (photo) is specifically designed to address the challenges of assembling fittings onto a wide range of corrosion-resistant, heavy-wall small-bore tubes. These fittings can grip heavier wall tubes, which is said to increase working pressures by up to 80% over conventional tube fittings, allowing XP fittings to be used on tubing with higher pressure ranges, including exotic alloy tubing used in severe-service applications. Simplified installation helps to ensure that fittings cannot be overtightened. The fittings have been validated in systems using a variety of austenitic and high-performance alloys, over a wide range of tubing sizes and thicknesses. Key applications for these fittings include process instrumentation, sour-gas and other high-corrosion processes, chemical injection, sampling systems and hydrogen processing. — HOKE, a division of Circor Instrumentation, Spartanburg, S.C.