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Two new gas regulators to control and relieve pressure

| By Tracey Lilly

AURA Gas Controls

AURA Gas Controls

This new series of highly durable specialized gas regulators (photo) is designed to provide accurate control of systems operating under vacuum. The EXS Sub-Atmospheric series regulator provides precise control under sub-atmospheric conditions, along with low setpoint and low-flow, positive-pressure applications. Its proprietary hybrid-spring design works in tandem with an oversized dual-surface diaphragm to enable sensitive control, in contrast to a standard regulator design that loses the ability to control pressure when subject to downstream vacuum, says the manufacturer. The EXZ Sub-Atmospheric series backpressure regulator provides repeatable relief of excess positive pressure caused by accumulation or upstream sample injection in systems operating under vacuum. Its high-load adjusting spring maintains seat closure under vacuum, while a negative bias-spring allows for precise relief as positive pressure is introduced. This enables the user to accurately throttle excess positive pressure from the system. — AURA Gas Controls, Virginia Beach, Va.