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Two new small containers added to this company’s product range

| By Chemical Engineering

Hoyer GmbH Internationale Fachspedition

Hoyer GmbH Internationale Fachspedition

This logistics specialist has expanded its fleet of intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) by adding two new container types. The product range now also includes a steam-heatable IBC and a cube-shaped IBC (photo) that is particularly space-saving in storage and during transport. The steam-heatable 1,000-L container provides the ability to use steam, water or oil as the heating medium, thus ensuring heating that is quick but gentle on the material. It is also suitable for use in explosionhazard areas and is designed for temperatures up to 150°C and pressures up to 6 bars. The cube-shaped Meter Cube has a volumetric capacity of 1,000 L and represents a practical alternative to a plastic IBC; the container is extremely space-saving due to its special dimensions, and it is made of high-quality stainless steel. As a result of its flat construction, it can also be stacked two-high for transportation, increasing the quantity of units that are possible per transport. — Hoyer GmbH Internationale Fachspedition, Hamburg, Germany