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Ube to build new composite compounding facility in Thailand

| By Mary Bailey

UBE Corp. (Tokyo) has decided to establish a new compounding facility for special grades at one of its local subsidiaries in Thailand, UBE Chemicals (Asia) Ltd. (UCHA), in response to growing demand for related products in the Asian region. The facility is scheduled to go into operation in early 2024.

Since starting production of composite products in 2002, UCHA has gradually increased its production capacity in response to market expansion in the Asian region. This time, in order to meet growing demand and high-quality requirements in the automobile and electrical and electronic equipment industries, UCHA will establish a new production facility for high-performance composite products. At the same time, UCHA will strengthen its cooperation with the adjacent R&D center, UBE Technical Center (Asia) Limited, to quickly capture customer needs and further improve its product development capabilities.

In its medium-term management plan “UBE Vision 2030 Transformation—1st Stage” announced in May 2022, UBE has set a policy of focusing its investment of management resources on its specialty business, including its composite business. As acquired REPOL in Spain in 2019 and Premium Composite Technology North America Inc. in USA in 2020, UBE continues to strengthen its global production bases in four regions of Japan, Asia, Europe and North America and promotes further expansion of its composite business.