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An ultrasonic sensor for layer detection in a variety of materials

| By Chemical Engineering



The UD18-2 ultrasonic sensor for double layer and splice detection (photo) is able to determine whether one, two or no material layers are present between its sender and receiver. The UD18-2 can reliably detect objects regardless of material, including paper, cardboard, shiny metal, transparent plastic and more. The UD18-2 also features the functionality for up to four sensitivity levels, and the sensor can switch between sensitivity levels during operation. This allows the sensor to tackle complex applications and ensure permanent system availability. In addition, the UD18-2 features rapid commissioning thanks to plug-and-play technology, as well as variable mounting distance for flexibility during installation. The UD18-2 is also immune to dirt, dust and humidity, making it appropriate for a wide variety of applications in the packaging, paper, electronics, solar, metal and steel industries. — Sick AG, Wildkirch, Germany