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Universal display module for point-level sensors

| By Gerald Ondrey

Vega Grieshaber

Vega Grieshaber

With the new plicsLED display module, the switching status of a sensor can be read from afar, even in strong sunlight. The module is compatible with all of the sensors in this company’s “plics” family with relay output: VegaSwing series 60, VegaVib series 60, VegaWave series 60, VegaCap series w60 and VegaMIP series 60. Since external wiring is unnecessary, the time needed for installation is reduced to a minimum. Power is supplied via the relay electronics. The second relay output is used to control the switching status display. Depending on the module version, the switching status is displayed in the color combination red-green or yellow-green. PlicsLED is installed directly inside the plics sensor housing which gives it a high degree of protection from dust and water ingress. Operating temperatures range from –40 to 80ºC. — Vega Grieshaber KG, Schiltach, Germany