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Update for System 800xA Minerals Library

| By Chemical Engineering



An updated version of this company’s System 800xA Minerals Library (photo) was released last month. The latest version adds functionalities for advanced analog-loop control, further facilitating the engineering processes and widening the scope of visible information to improve situation awareness for operators. With the new loop control connection (LCC), Minerals Library 6.0/0 applies the successful concept of “intelligent objects talking to each other” to the world of loop control. The consistent linking between objects enables engineers to design complex control concepts with a standardized structured approach. The actual control strategy and dependencies between objects are directly visualized on the operator interface. LCC is available for all existing loop-control blocks as well as for the newly added loop-control blocks for actuators, ratio, split-range and adaptive PID (proportional integral derivative) control. These elements deliver powerful functionalities ready to be used on a broad array of advanced control challenges. — ABB, Baden, Switzerland