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Chemical Engineering

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Upgraded fluid-bed processors feature better process control

| By Mary Page Bailey

This company has upgraded its Vibro-Bed fluid-bed processor (photo) with new features designed to regulate pressure and temperature more efficiently for faster material drying and increased throughput. Fluid-bed processors dry, moisturize, heat or cool bulk material by causing it to vibrate on a screen or perforated surface within a rising column of heated, chilled or moisturized air. In addition to faster drying, the Vibro-Bed’s upgraded controls make it easier for operators with minimal training to run batch or continuous material processing. An energy-efficient circular design utilizes 100% of the surface area to optimize airflow for faster drying, less waste and a more consistent product, according to the company. The Vibro-Bed product range includes eight compact models ranging from 24 to 84 in. (610 to 2125 mm) in diameter. Configurations are avilable for scalping, de-dusting, agglomerating or de-agglomerating materials while they are dried, cooled or moisturized to save on the cost of operating separate equipment. — Kason Corp., Millburn, N.J.