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Use this actuator for small-diameter valves

| By Chemical Engineering

GF Piping Systems

GF Piping Systems

The new EA15 electric actuator (photo) is designed for small-diameter, open/close ball-valve applications in chemical processing, refrigeration and water-treatment facilities. Key features included in the standard package are: open/close limit switches; seven-segment error code display; adjustable internal heating element; and chemically resistant polyproplyene housing. An optional failsafe battery backup is also available. The EA15 utilizes an ISO 5211 universal mounting pattern and carries certifications for vibration testing. Designed to operate quarter-turn valves, the EA15 actuator delivers a nominal torque of 10 Nm and a peak torque of 20 Nm. Clearly displayed LED indicators enable fast and easy reading of valve position and actuator status at a glance, whether in low-light conditions or from a distance. — GF Piping Systems, Irvine, Calif.