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Use this handheld manometer in a wide range of pressures

| By Chemical Engineering

MRU Instruments

DM 9600 Series precision manometers feature a color touchscreen and are designed with technicians in mind to provide data quickly and easily for startup, troubleshooting and reporting jobs for measuring pressure, temperature, flow and other parameters. Five different ranges are available from±30 in. H 2 O to±100 psi. The low-pressure version is ideally suited for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) applications, and the high-pressure versions can be utilized in a wide variety of industrial settings. Key features include 0.5% accuracy, flow calculations, dual thermocouple and outputs via micro SD card, USB and Bluetooth communications. Users will benefit from the conveniences of a magnetic back for hands-free use and the long-life (20-h) lithium-ion battery. — MRU Instruments, Humble, Tex.