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Use this high-precision amplifier in tough production areas

| By Chemical Engineering



The DMP41 digital precision measuring instrument features an accuracy class of 0.0005 (5 ppm), and is said to be the world’s most precise amplifier for strain-gauge-based sensor measurements. Unlike other high-precision instruments that are limited for use only in controlled laboratory conditions, the DMP41 is available in a 19-in. rack-mount enclosure that is constructed to enable use in environments with demanding conditions. Manufacturers of strain-gauge-based sensors, such as force, torque and pressure transducers, load cells and flowrate sensors, can use the DMP41 to precisely calibrate and adjust their sensors during production. A background calibration feature allows the instrument to make measurements even while internal calibration of internal measurement channels is in progress. This increases test-system throughput. — HBM, Inc., Marlborough, Mass.