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Use these pump heads for extremely shear-sensitive fluids

| By Chemical Engineering



The new Masterflex L/S Cytoflow pump head (photo) was developed specifically for pumping live cells and shear-sensitive fluids in biopharmaceutical and microbiology applications. The Cytoflow pump head has a large-diameter rotor, resulting in high flowrates at low motor speeds. The pump head is available in two- and three-roller configurations — two-roller heads offer higher flowrates, while three-roller heads deliver less pulsation. The pump head is compatible with all Masterflex L/S drives that accept two or more pump heads. In addition to the high flowrates at low motor speeds, the Cytoflow pump head has a convex roller design that minimizes the impact on live cells and maintains the consistency of shear-sensitive fluids. — Cole-Parmer, Vernon Hills, Ill.