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Use these diffusers to prevent settling in sewage-storage tanks

| By Mary Page Bailey

ProFlex 730CBD coarse-bubble diffusers (photo) are used to aerate or mix wastewater for effluent and sewage treatment, ensuring proper agitation of media with high specific gravity. This means that when the sewage is put into a storage tank, settling at the bottom of the tank will not occur. The ProFlex 730CBD is an engineered molded valve, which, when submerged and charged with air, will create a series of bubbles strong enough to capture the sewage effluent and carry it to the surface of the tank. Featuring an elastomeric duck-bill design, the valve is always in a 100% closed position and relies on static head to open. Thus, the instant there is an absence of inlet pressure, the valve is closed bubble-tight, ensuring that unwanted media does not flow back into the manifold. — Proco Products, Inc., Stockton, Calif.