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Use these magnetic pumps in applications with very high system pressure

| By Mary Bailey

Michael Smith Engineers

The GLH Series of compact, magnetically driven external gear pumps (photo) are designed for fluid-handling applications with system pressures up to 103 bars (1,500 psi) and maximum differential pressures to 8.5 bars. They can deliver flowrates ranging from 2 to 22.0 L/min (at 2,850 rpm) on liquids with a maximum viscosity range up to 2,500 cP, at temperatures up to 121ºC. GLH Series pumps are designed to deliver a rugged, reliable and leak-free performance for any high-precision pumping application and, thanks to their compact, miniature size, can be easily incorporated into the design of high-precision fluid-handling systems. Typical applications include sampling from crude oil pipelines, refrigerant-recovery duties involving transferring pressurized liquids from cooling systems and mechanical seal flushing to cool or clean seal faces. — Michael Smith Engineers Ltd., Woking, U.K.