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Use this compact heat exchanger for high-pressure dry-gas seals

| By Chemical Engineering

The new Hydrosafe indirect electric heat exchanger is a complete thermal system designed for use in the harsh environments found in oil exploration and extraction, petroleum refining and petrochemicals. Minimizing potential leaks, the Hydrosafe’s one-piece, non-welded design makes this exchanger appropriate for high-pressure situations in dry gas-seal applications. The heating element, vessel, insulation, terminal enclosure, mounting plate and inlet and outlet connections are combined into a complete assembly, for ease of installation. The gas is heated inside a small-diameter seamless tube or pipe, allowing for high-system-pressure capability. The 316L stainless-steel fluid path is independent of the heater sheath, preventing fluid contamination. This also allows sensitive materials to be heated effectively, and assures safety because heater failure will not cause leaks or significant damage. The small diameter and low-volume pressure boundary allow use in many countries without the need for further pressure-vessel certifications. — Watlow Electric Manufacturing Co., St. Louis, Mo.