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Use this tubing with hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders

| By Mary Bailey

Polygon Composites

PolySlide composite tubing (photo) is designed to replace metallic material in a variety of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder applications.  Supplied as a cylinder tube ready for user assembly, or as fully engineered cylinder assemblies for equipment-manufacturer applications, the tubing is made of continuous filament-wound glass fiber and polymer resins. The fiberglass filament and resin materials combine together to form a high-strength component that exhibits dimensional stability, is non-corroding, impingement-resistant and is non-conductive. The cylinder tubing is suitable for high and low temperatures, as well as locations where grease, grit, salt or chemicals are present. The features of the tubing allow the seal to slide over the bore surface contour, minimizing interlocking friction. The inside diameter of the tubing has a smooth finish. Contact with the non-metallic rod guide bearing prevents galling and provides for a low coefficient of friction. A wear-resistant material incorporated into the bore surface further increases the lifespan of the composite cylinder tubing. — Polygon Composites Technology, Walkerton, Ind.