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Chemical Engineering

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V-cone blenders for gentle and effective mixing

| By Gerald Ondrey

The V-Cone Blenders utilize diffusion as the main mechanism for mixing. As the V-shaped vessel rotates on its horizontal axis, batch materials cascade down, distributing particles over a freshly exposed surface. With operating speeds of 5 to 25 rpm, this line of tumble blenders can easily mix dry solid blends (including high-density powders), low-viscosity slurries and friable materials, as well as formulations containing trace components or ingredients that are dissimilar in size, shape and density. The purpose-built Model VCB-20 (photo) is fully customized with two pneumatic cylinders affixed to the V-Cone body to disconnect and connect fiber drums for charging and discharging. The blender’s dust-tight butterfly valve is operated by optional pneumatic control. To reduce the size of agglomerates, a high-speed intensifier bar is installed along the mixer’s axis of rotation. Nozzles can also be attached to this intensifier bar for continuous liquid additions during the mixing process. — Charles Ross & Son Company, Hauppauge, N.Y.