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Valve World Show Preview

| By Gerald Ondrey

Flange inserts for vacuum applications

This company is introducing the new Vacuum Flange Insert (VI: photo) for rough- to high-vacuum systems, systems requiring frequent cleaning or modification, roughing and foreline plumbing, research and teaching laboratory applications, and more. The VI is designed to fit between ISO/NW/KF/QF vacuum flanges designed in accordance with DIN 28403, DIN 28404, ISO 1609 and ISO 2861. It is both a centering ring and a check valve, and therefore requires no additional space in the line. Its size makes it extremely economical when compared to full-bodied check valves. The VI can also be used as a low-pressure relief valve under either positive pressure or vacuum conditions by using the desired spring setting. Stand 1218 — Check-All Valve, Des Moines, Iowa