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Valve World Show Preview

| By Gerald Ondrey

These check valves are engineered to avoid slamming

This company manufactures seven different types of check valves. The portfolio includes the Dual Disc, Foot Valve, Silent Check, Swing Check, Swing-Flex, Surgebuster and Tilted Disc, which are highly engineered to provide long life and trouble-free performance to meet the valve needs of users. Engineers weigh the importance of slamming characteristics as one of the factors when selecting a check valve. All of this company’s check valves are designed with non-slam characteristics, such as the seat angle of the Swing-Flex and Tilted Disc. The Surgebuster uses the addition of the Disc Accelerator to prevent slamming in the most severe applications. The versatile Foot Valve can provide positive seating action at both low and high pressure without slamming. And if you are not sure which check valve to use for your application, the company has redesigned its white paper “Design and Selection of Check Valves” to learn which valve is your best option. This white paper will help you understand basic valve principles and the functions of various types of check valves used in pumping systems. Engineering parameters associated with check-valve selection, such as flow characteristics, are discussed, along with headloss, reliability and costs. The combined characteristics of the pumps, check valve, air valve, control valve and surge equipment should be considered for successful pumping system design. With this knowledge, engineers can better select check valves and understand some pitfalls common to valve selection. Stand 534 — Val-Matic Valve, Elmhurst, Ill.