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Veolia Carbon Clean JV launches carbon-capture project with Tata Steel

By Mary Page Bailey |

Veolia Carbon Clean — a joint venture between Carbon Clean (London) and Veolia (Paris, France) — is celebrating its first project milestone and revealing a new corporate identity. The joint venture is committed to reducing industrial carbon dioxide emissions and helping India achieve its climate goals through the development of a series of carbon capture and compressed biogas (CBG) projects.

The joint venture’s first project milestone is a two-year contract with Tata Steel for the operation and maintenance of the first carbon capture plant for a blast furnace in India. The Jamshedpur steel plant is capturing 5 tons of CO2 per day directly from the blast furnace gas and making it available for onsite reuse in a variety of applications. The depleted CO2 gas is then sent back to the gas network with an increased calorific value.

This kind of affordable carbon capture technology will play a significant role in India’s transition to a low carbon energy future. Veolia Carbon Clean will continue to work towards making cost-effective CCUS a reality in India. Recycled CO2 products are now a multibillion-dollar growing market and carbon capture is a trillion-dollar market, according to International Energy Agency estimates. India has pledged to get 50% of its energy from renewable resources and reduce its total projected carbon emissions by one billion tonnes by 2030.

The newly launched brand identity reflects the joint venture’s growing ambitions in India. The circular logo blends elements of both companies’ logos to represent their collaboration and commitment to helping the country to decarbonise its economy.

 Preet Brar, CEO and Country Director, Veolia India, said: “This project is a significant mark of Veolia’s commitment towards combating climate change. It will bring great opportunities for Veolia Carbon Clean in implementing decarbonisation solutions. Carbon Clean is a global leader in carbon capture technology and has extensive experience in supporting companies to achieve net zero targets. Veolia has been working towards changing patterns of production and consumption by placing ecology at the heart of every process and assessment. Through this partnership we are building a model that will support our industrial partners to accelerate their transition to a low carbon economy.” 

Aniruddha Sharma, CEO and Co-founder of Carbon Clean, said: “This is the first of many milestones for our joint venture with Veolia and we are excited to see how much more we can achieve together. There is huge scope for our cost-effective carbon capture solutions, especially in the steel, cement and other hard-to-decarbonize industries. We are thrilled to be working alongside Veolia, building on its ambition to become the world champion in ecological transformation and our technological expertise. Carbon Clean was first established in India and we are committed to supporting the country on its journey to net zero.”

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