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These versatile wastewater samplers are portable

| By Chemical Engineering

Electro-Chemical Devices

The AQUA Series of portable wastewater samplers (photo) consists of three models designed to meet a wide range of sampling requirements. The very small AQUA-Compact, the passively-cooled AQUA-Coolbox and the multi-bottle AQUA-Multix provide plant technicians with comprehensive sampling flexibility. The AQUA-Compact is useful when samples need to be pulled and transported between sites or for temporary compliance purposes. The insulated AQUA-Coolbox ensures samples are stored at a cool temperature for proper laboratory analysis. The AQUA-Multix features a quick “lift-off” design for bottle exchange. AQUA Series samplers are equipped with an advanced air-pump vacuum sampling system, which delivers an accurate, reliable, representative and repeatable sample. As with stationary samplers, the AQUA samplers support the extraction of samples from either non-pressurized or pressurized effluent-pipe sources. — Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD), Anaheim, Calif.