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A volumetric screw feeder for confined workspaces

| By Chemical Engineering

Scaletron Industries

Scaletron Industries

The new Model VMF-90A volumetric screw feeder (photo) is designed for automated additive dosing in water treatment and chemical processes. This new model is simplified compared to previous models and offers more flexibility for installation in confined workspaces. Integrating the VMF-90A into existing feeder systems typically requires little or no redesigning, even where there is limited installation space, says the company. For feeding dry powdered or pelletized materials, the VMF-90A feeder achieves feedrates of up to 10.19 ft 3 /h. The unit uses gravimetric feeding enhanced with a built-in mechanical cam-actuated hopper agitator. The agitator continually conditions the material being added to promote uniform flow, a feature that is particularly useful when working with materials that tend to clump. Also available is an optional “loss-in-weight” weighing system for applications where enhanced precision is required. This option comprises an integrated precision scale with four load cells and a digital scale controller. — Scaletron Industries Ltd., Plumsteadville, Pa.