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Navigating the Digital Workforce: 4 Strategies for Success in the Age of Technology

FREE | July 11, 2024


The workforce of today is undergoing changes at a pace rarely seen before. This is true across all sectors including the chemical industry. As a result, workers must be able to quickly adapt and be able to take full advantage of digital technologies that will enable them to do their jobs more efficiently. But how do you make that happen?

Following a brief introduction to chemical operations today, how it is changing and why, we will first focus on the technological aspect of workforce development. This includes a discussion of why technology is important, what the value of partner ecosystems is, how to approach data governance, and more. We will provide examples of how work can be performed more efficiently using technology.

Not everything is about technology, however, our expert panelists will also be discussing how businesses must create more flexible organizational setups to support and empower the workforce to make the changes happen. After all, most technology implementations will not be successful without the full support of the workforce!

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain practical insights and stay ahead in today’s dynamic digital landscape!