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Optical Dissolved Oxygen Measurement in Power and Boiler Applications

Dissolved oxygen (DO) is one of the key parameters that must be monitored and controlled in power and boiler applications to effectively minimize corrosion due to oxidation. With the optical process for the measurement of dissolved oxygen, a measurement method has been developed that eliminates the process related to disadvantages of traditional electrochemical (amperometric) measurement methods. Numerous guidelines exist from standards bodies on different chemistry methods that can be applied to effectively manage oxygen levels and the use of Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen (LDO) sensors for the measurement of oxygen is now accepted by ASTM.

While the number of qualified service engineers has been continually reduced, economic pressure on operators to keep capital equipment in operation for as long as possible grows. As a result, the labor time available to the personnel for servicing the measurement technology becomes an increasingly critical factor. With respect to its stability, the Hach K1100 optical sensor has proven that it far exceeds amperometric sensors with a calibration interval of 12 months without an interim intervention. With thousands of units in use globally, LDO measurement has been rapidly adopted by users in many industries.

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