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Winner of the Chopey scholarship

| By Dorothy Lozowski

Chemical Engineering has been a leading source for practical technology information and news for the chemical process industries (CPI) for over 120 years. In addition to being that resource, we strive to bring recognition to, and help advance the chemical engineering profession. With that in mind, Chemical Engineering established the annual Chopey Scholarship for Chemical Engineering Excellence to offer assistance to a student who is working toward a degree in chemical engineering. Established in 2007, the award is named after Nicholas P. Chopey, the magazine’s former Editor-in-Chief, who devoted over 47 years of his professional career to this magazine.




The 2023 award winner

Aurora Occhino

Congratulations to this year’s scholarship winner, Aurora Occhino, a third-year chemical engineering student at the University of Buffalo. Occhino is already looking forward to continuing her studies in graduate school, and plans to get a jump start by including graduate level courses in her senior year, beginning this fall. She currently tutors calculus, chemistry, physics, and MATLAB coding at the university. She enjoys helping and encouraging students in their academic careers.

This summer, Occhino will be participating in an undergraduate summer research program at Texas A&M University. The program involves catalysis research related to energy, sustainability and a circular economy. It includes design of catalytic materials for plastics upcycling; catalytic valorization of abundant chemical precursors such as CO 2, CH 4 and biomass; and reaction kinetics and mechanistic investigation, including spectroscopy. She is excited to begin her career and join the many other engineers who are working to improve the efficiency of how we live today, while also focusing on improving the conditions of the environment. She enjoys exploring the outdoors and looks forward to making her appreciation of the earth part of her career.


About the scholarship

The scholarship is awarded to current third-year students who are enrolled in a full-time undergraduate course of study in chemical engineering at one of the following four-year colleges or universities, which include Chopey’s alma mater and those of our editorial staff: the University at Buffalo, University of Kansas, Columbia University, University of Virginia, Rutgers University and the University of Oklahoma. The scholarship is a one-time award. The program utilizes standard Scholarship America recipient selection procedures, including the consideration of past academic performance and future potential, leadership and participation in school and community activities, work experience, and statement of career and educational goals. More information about the award, including how to apply and how to contribute a donation, can be found at


In this issue

This month’s issue includes our Cover Story on activated carbon, Feature Reports on process control, Newsfronts on petroleum refining and personal protective equipment, a You and Your Job article on choosing career paths and much more. We hope you enjoy reading and find it useful.■

Dorothy Lozowski, Editorial Director