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Wireless instruments that never need new batteries

| By Chemical Engineering

Adaptive Wireless Solutions

Adaptive Wireless Solutions

This company has developed WirelessHART instrumentation devices (photo) with batteries that are expected to last the entire life of the device. The batteries are engineered to minimize energy usage based on an in-depth microsecond-by-microsecond analysis of a unit’s power consumption. This avoids the requirement that maintenance personnel conduct battery-replacement tasks, which can be especially burdensome in remote or hazardous areas. Battery-replacement tasks also prove to be time-consuming over the lifetime of an asset, especially in plants that have hundreds or thousands of WirelessHART instruments. Longer-lasting batteries also eliminate the risk of shutdown if dead batteries are not proactively replaced. The instruments equipped with these new batteries include devices that provide critical information on temperature, pressure, flow and humidity. — Adaptive Wireless Solutions, Hudson, Mass.