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Wood designing new carbon-capture plant at Teck Resources smelter in Canada

| By Mary Bailey

Wood plc (Aberdeen, Scotland) is supporting Teck Resources Limited (Teck) in piloting a new carbon capture plant at the Teck smelter in Trail, British Columbia.  Now in the detail design phase, this first-of-its-kind solution for capturing carbon from sulfide ores in the smelting process, is paving the way for more sustainable operations in the steel and mining industries across the world and supporting Teck in meeting their net-zero commitment by 2050.Teck’s smelter and refining complex in Trail is one of the world’s largest integrated zinc and lead operations, producing a variety of specialty metals, chemicals and fertilizer products. The pilot will be installed to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) from one part of the operation to assess the technical and economic viability of the selected technology in this environment.With a long history of supporting Teck’s operations in Trail and over 40 years of expertise in carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS) lifecycle solutions, Wood completed carbon capture technology assessments and pre-scoping and feasibility studies for the installation and integration of the pilot plant at the Trail site, as well as supported Teck in the procurement of the pilot plant. Wood is working closely with the pilot plant vendor and Teck in completing the engineering and detailed design for the tie-in of the pilot plant, which is scheduled to be commissioned in the second half of 2023.

Kris Homer, Vice President of Minerals and Metals at Wood, said: “Mining is intrinsic to the world meeting its net-zero goals, and it is incumbent on the industry and its partners to find more sustainable and less carbon-intensive ways to operate. By teaming up to deliver this innovative pilot project and applying our extensive minerals, metals and CCUS expertise, we are proud to support Teck in leading the way with new industry solutions.