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World’s Largest Single Modular Ethylene Cracking Furnace successfully shipped

By Gerald Ondrey |

2The ninth ethylene cracking furnace for Zhejiang Petrochemical’s 40-million ton/yr Integrated Refining and Petrochemical Complex Project undertaken by Wison Engineering Services Co. Ltd. (Shanghai, China; www.wison.com), who is responsible for modularize design, construction and installation of the project, has been successfully shipped to the project site, and joins the other eight similar ethylene cracking furnace modules delivered previously. The core equipment of the naphtha cracking unit with the largest single-chain ethylene production capacity in China is now fully in place. The whole set is composed of nine ethylene cracking furnaces, each with an output of 200,000 ton/yr, providing them with the world’s largest production capability of a single cracking furnace with the height of 53 m and the weight of 3,689 tons. It has been shipped 50 nautical miles to the project site by a large barge.

By leveraging its comprehensive capabilities in resource coordination and management, module construction, and transportation, Wison adopted a module prefabrication assembly for the integrated delivery of the project based on project schedule and geographical site limitations. This is drastically different from the time-consuming methods adopted by previous projects which required separate transportation and on-site installation where the quality and safety could not be properly ensured. As the engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) contractor, Wison Engineering joined hands with Wison Offshore & Marine with their complementary superiorities, and successfully made and executed the fabrication and shipment plans for nine modules. The project started in July 2017, delivered the first module shipment in March 2018, and completed the delivery of all nine modules by the end of October 2018. During this period, Wison overcame many challenges such as typhoon and tide, laying a solid foundation for the commissioning of Zhejiang Petrochemical Phase I Project.

An Wenxin, president and COO of Wison Offshore & Marine Ltd. said, “Wison Offshore & Marine successfully delivered nine large complicated chemical modules with a total weight of about 33,000 tons within 10 months, which greatly enhanced the confidence of domestic and foreign clients in Wison Offshore & Marine’s ability for timely delivery of high-complexity large-scale process modules with high quality within a short period.  It will surely lay a solid foundation for Wison Offshore & Marine to undertake and deliver similar large-scale process modules.”

Rong Wei, CEO of Wison Engineering said, “The market is the best touchstone for testing ‘technical and professional accumulation’. With two large petrochemical projects being delivered by Wison Engineering in North America and South America, the nine super-large modular project tops petrochemical engineering industry to date in scale, and the advantages of adopting high-end modular manufacturing in petrochemical projects have been recognized and favored by more clients in the global market. To further break through the various restrictions of large-scale projects, strive for market opportunities, improve project quality and safety, and significantly reduce the difficulty for clients to manage large complicated projects and improve controllability, modular manufacturing will be combined with a wider range of ‘deep prefabrication’ to create more value for the clients!”

Wison has many international experts in the design, procurement, construction and project management of petrochemical, coal chemical and oil refining equipment.  With its outstanding modular design, engineering integration, and marine engineering construction capabilities, Wison will continue to succeed in the modular construction of various projects all over the world.  The Zhejiang Petrochemical 1,400,000 ton/yr Ethylene Cracking Furnace Project has demonstrated Wison’s professional capabilities. With this entire modular project execution experience, Wison’s technology and strength in large-scale modular design, construction and installation has grown, making it one of the most competitive technology and EPC integrated service providers of modularization projects in the industry.

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