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Zero-leakage sealing for bulk powder handling

| By Yelena Shamis

New Way Air Bearings

New Way Air Bearings

The New-Seal technology (photo) provides zero-leakage sealing of bulk solids for screw conveyors, paddle or ribbon mixers, rotary valves, mixers, blenders and agitators at temperatures up to 300°F. Externally pressurized gas-bearing technology (supplied at 4 bars) maintains seal-gap pressures at 2 bars while reducing buffer-gas flow consumption to 0.5 std. ft 3 /min. Therefore, nothing at a pressure lower than 2 bars will flow across or into the seal face, because the seal gap pressure is higher than that of the opposing powder, fluid or gas. Even at 0 rpm, the seal faces do not touch, enabling New-Seal to be a friction- and maintenance-free design, according to the company. Large radial, angular and axial error motions can be accommodated. New-Seal is available for shafts ranging from 1 to 40 in. in diameter. — New Way Air Bearings, Aston, Pa.