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ZymoChem launches first bio-based and biodegradable super absorbent polymer

| By Mary Bailey

Biotech company ZymoChem  (San Leandro, Calif.) announced the launch of BAYSE, the world’s first scalable, 100% bio-based, and biodegradable Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP). This product is set to revolutionize the $145 billion global hygiene industry and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

BAYSE is a drop-in replacement for traditional, fossil fuel-based SAPs, which are a key component in disposable, absorbent hygiene products such as infant diapers. Unlike petroleum-derived, polyacrylate counterparts, BAYSE is made from renewable resources, maintains a lower carbon footprint, and is readily biodegradable, addressing the environmental concerns associated with the 300,000 diapers that enter landfills or are incinerated every minute.

“At ZymoChem, we are committed to accelerating the transition to a real-zero economy by developing bio-based materials for everyday products,” said Harshal Chokhawala, PhD, CEO and Co-Founder of ZymoChem. “With BAYSE, we are tackling one of the world’s most wasteful items head-on, offering a sustainable solution that does not compromise on performance or affordability.”

ZymoChem’s proprietary technology platform enables the production of BAYSE at a cost which is competitive with traditional SAPs, ensuring that sustainability can be achieved without a premium. Intent on creating a positive environmental impact and inspiring change across sectors, ZymoChem’s BAYSE boasts additional applications in industries such as agriculture, cosmetics, and water treatment. The creation of microplastics from fossil-based petroleum SAP has been a concern for those industries, which BAYSE addresses as a high-performance, microplastic-free alternative.

In 2021, ZymoChem was among the DOE’s awardees for bioetchnology scaleup funding.