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2019 Nicholas Chopey Scholarship

| By Dorothy Lozowski

Chemical Engineering established the annual Chopey Scholarship for Chemical Engineering Excellence in late 2007 to bring recognition to the chemical engineering profession and to help advance that profession. The award is named after Nicholas P. Chopey, the magazine’s former Editor-in-Chief who contributed greatly to CE for over 47 years of his professional career. The scholarship is awarded to third-year students who are pursuing an undergraduate course of study in chemical engineering.


The award winner

Jacob Klenke

Congratulations to this year’s scholarship winner, Jacob Klenke, who will be entering his senior year in the chemical engineering curriculum at the University of Oklahoma ( He is also pursuing minors in computer science and mathematics, and has done research in protein separation techniques with the department of chemistry. In addition, Klenke serves as a teaching assistant for sophomore-level chemical engineering courses. He is currently spending the summer as an EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) process engineering intern with Carlisle Construction Materials.

Klenke says that a high school passion for chemistry and an interest in solving technological problems led him to choose to follow a chemical engineering curriculum. Learning about the wide variety of ways that chemical engineers can effectively apply their skills and the impact that they make, attracted him to stay in the field. He plans to pursue an M.S. degree at the University of Oklahoma and then move into industry as a process engineer.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Klenke also enjoys playing the tuba, moderating a reading group and hiking the state parks of Oklahoma.


About the scholarship

The scholarship is awarded to current third-year students who are enrolled in a fulltime undergraduate course of study in chemical engineering at one of the following four-year colleges or universities, which include Chopey’s alma mater and those of our editorial staff: University of Buffalo, University of Kansas, Columbia University, University of Virginia, Rutgers University and the University of Oklahoma.

The selection program utilizes standard Scholarship America recipient procedures, including the consideration of past academic performance and future potential, leadership and participation in school and community activities, work experience, and statement of career and educational goals. The scholarship is a one-time award.

More information about the award, including how to apply and how to donate to the scholarship program, can be found on our website at


In this issue

This month’s cover story focuses on a topic that is of great concern to many in the chemical process industries (CPI) — a potential shortage of technical talent and experience — and offers suggestions on how to improve the situation. This issue also contains articles on methane reforming, water treatment for cooling towers, intermediate bulk containers, particle size characterization and much more. We hope you enjoy reading.■

Dorothy Lozowski, Editorial Director