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A controller for pilot-scale reactor automation

| By Gerald Ondrey

The Pilot Reactor Controller (photo) provides easy control, automation and monitoring of any pilot reactor and associated devices via a single software interface. Designed for the pharmaceutical, chemical, contract-research or manufacturing organization (CRO/CMO), agrochemical and flavor and fragrance sectors, this modular and scalable system provides easy integration of third-party devices, offering secure and robust data connections. The controller is an easy-to-use, turnkey system suitable for chemists and chemical engineers looking to scale up from laboratory to pilot plant or, conversely, down from production to pilot scale. Using OPC Unified Architecture, this next-generation reactor controller offers universal connectivity with a vast range of reactors and peripheral devices (including circulators, stirrers, sensors and pumps) via a no-code software interface. — AGI Glassplant Inc., Takahama, Arao-City, Japan